How can you effectively co-parent with your ex?

One of the more common reasons former couples end up back up in the courtroom after settling on a parenting plan is differences in child-rearing approaches. You two can take different steps to try and get on the same page with one another before pursuing a modification in your case, though.  Establishing an effective co-parenting […]

Why genetic tests are now the gold standard for paternity cases

In order to prove paternity, the courts used to depends on testimony and marriage certificates. Children born out of wedlock or to parents having extramarital affairs might not know their true parentage.  Thankfully, medical science has reached a point where it is possible to accurately determine if there is a genetic connection between two people. […]

When should (and shouldn’t) you try to enforce rules for your kids across 2 households?

Differences in parenting styles and rules can be one of the biggest challenges that divorced parents have to overcome. Chances are that you weren’t equally strict with your children when you were together. Now that you’re parenting across two homes, these differences have become more obvious – and likely more irritating since you probably each […]

Child custody: Tips for creating a solid parenting plan

As you may already know, when parents cannot agree on a parenting plan in Florida, the court will step in and make these important decisions instead. Most agree that it is far better for parents and children alike if you can address these matters outside of a court.  In many cases, a family law attorney […]

How domestic violence charges affect child custody in Florida

In most cases where parents in the Ocala area are raising children while living apart, the courts will try to get the parents to work together so both parents can have a meaningful relationship with their children. This is one reason why the courts of Central Florida are so willing to require shared parental responsibility, […]

What are the basic requirements of a parenting plan in Florida?

Parenting is not always an easy job in Florida. Parents need to make many different decisions for their children, ensure the children are following the rules and making good decisions to help themselves along the way. When parents are married, the discussions about the various aspects of raising the children are generally done within the […]

What is a parenting plan?

When parents dissolve their marriage or divorce, they must formulate a plan to take care for their children. A parenting plan is an important part of child custody in Florida. Details of plan These plans set forth the details of parenting before, during and after the marriage dissolves. It addresses shared decision-making for major and […]

How is child custody determined in Florida?

For parents facing child custody concerns in Florida, it can be helpful to be familiar with the child custody process and how it works. Understanding how child custody is determined in Florida can help parents reach a child custody arrangement that is best for their child and works best for their family. Florida child custody […]

Child custody cases stressful outside the courtroom

Quite a few Florida parents have made an appearance in a family court at one time or another. Child custody cases are not uncommon by any means, though each case, much like each family, is unique. Before a child custody case is adjudicated and a custody order is signed by a judge, parents will have to hang […]

Tips for sharing child custody during the holidays

The holiday season has officially begun, and Florida families probably have quite a few events on the calendar in the next several weeks. In addition to traditional holidays, it is not uncommon for children to have special occasions at school or an extracurricular activity. It’s great to support children by attending an event to cheer […]