Here’s how people hide assets from their spouses

Worried that your spouse is going to hide assets while the two of you go through the property division phase of your divorce? It’s a valid concern. The best thing you can do is to understand how people tend to do this. Understanding the process allows you to see red flags and identify when you […]

When alcoholism leads to divorce

People often assume that divorce is simply a decision that two people make to end their marriage. However, in some cases, this is far from the truth. For instance, let’s consider what happens when alcoholism leads to divorce. Is that a choice? It’s a disease First and foremost, it has to be understood that alcoholism is […]

Is there any advantage to an uncontested divorce?

You never expected that ending your marriage would be easy, but your spouse’s reaction was worse than you ever dreamed possible. You’d rather not even speak to them right now, let alone try to negotiate your split. Should you just let the court make all the rulings in your divorce? Probably not. Why is a […]

Financial questions to answer as you prepare for divorce

Preparing for the divorce process will pull you in many different directions. One minute you’re thinking about property and debt division, the next you’re worried about your children and after that you’re wondering about child and spousal support. While every aspect of your divorce is important, your finances should be high on your priority list. […]

Does your spouse own a business? Watch for trouble during divorce

When you and your spouse work hard to build a business together, you have to be sure that you know what’s going on with it. All too often, one spouse, often the wife, will hand over the financial duties to the other spouse. This works as long as the marriage is going well; however, if […]

Signs that your marriage isn’t working

Sometimes, people find it clear that it’s time to get a divorce. For instance, maybe you came home from work early to find out that your spouse was cheating on you. From that moment on, you knew you were going to end it. Most of the time, though, this type of moment doesn’t exist. Instead, […]

Is an uncontested divorce right for you?

One of the toughest times in a person’s life is facing the fact that their marriage is failing, and it may be time to divorce. The idea of divorcing oftentimes conjures up images of a long, drawn-out courtroom battle — something that is emotionally and financially exhausting. Some couples in the Ocala area who want […]

Should you fight for the family home in a divorce?

Divorce can have serious implications for your financial well-being. This means that there can be a lot at stake when you enter into the property division process. Making matters even more complicated are the emotions that are often tied up in these matters, as well as attachments to certain pieces of property. This includes the […]

How are assets divided in a Florida divorce?

While many states fall under what are known as community property laws, Florida is not one of them. This means that within a Florida divorce, the only assets to be divided are those which are deemed to have been acquired within the marriage, otherwise known as equitable division. In the event of a divorce within […]

Can your spouse force you to get a divorce if you don’t want one?

For many Central Florida couples a divorce may seem like the only option. Their relationship with their partner is no longer working and they just want to move on. But there are many times when one spouse does not want to get a divorce. Can one partner force a divorce in Florida? In Florida either […]