Can that pocket Breathalyzer help you avoid a DUI charge?

A charge of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is pretty serious no matter where you are — and Florida is no exception. If you’re convicted of driving while intoxicated, you will definitely face fines and a suspended driver’s license. You could also be forced to attend addiction counseling, made to use an ignition […]

What should you do if you encounter a sobriety checkpoint?

Sobriety checkpoints – often called DUI checkpoints – are common this time of year, and any time when law enforcement agencies anticipate a fair share of drunk drivers on the roads. Typically, officers at the checkpoint motion drivers to pull over in to the checkpoint area randomly. If you’re wondering whether this is a violation […]

How will a DUI affect your custody case in Florida?

Few things have the potential to get uglier than a pitched battle for custody between warring parents. You can pretty much expect that your ex will drag up every past sin you’ve ever committed — while looking for new ones — as they try to find ammunition against you.  So, what happens if you have […]

Report of reckless driver leads to arrest of Ocala man

Law enforcement officials in Ocala and Marion County often rely on other drivers to spot illegal driving behavior. This reliance is most often exhibited with respect to drivers who are believed to be intoxicated. The report of another driver recently led to the apprehension of an Ocala man on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Marion […]

Alleged drunk driver arrested after police chase

Florida is tough on drunk drivers. Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, here means tough penalties, even for first-time offenders. One resident is learning this first hand after allegedly failing a field sobriety test after leading police on a miles-long chase. Police claimed they received a call Sunday claiming that […]

Methods of challenging a breathalyzer test

Breathalyzer tests must meet certain requirements to produce accurate and reliable results. When those standards are not met, it may be possible to challenge the accuracy and reliability of the test results and the DWI charges the accused individual is facing. Each state has its own laws concerning breathalyzer tests but they generally must meet […]

Defending yourself from DUI charges

Defending against DUI charges is important because of the far-reaching consequences drunk driving charges can have on the personal and professional lives of accused drivers. There are a variety of criminal defense options that may be available to the accused driver and which one is best depends on the specific situation and circumstances which is […]

Florida teacher arrested for DUI

Most Central Florida area residents understand the importance of driving safely. Unfortunately, there are circumstances when a driver makes a bad decision. Sometimes these decisions lead to a person suffering serious consequences, like being arrested for a DUI. A Panama City teacher was recently arrested for a DUI. The 9th grade English teacher was detained […]

Man learns you cannot buy your way out of a DUI

Drivers might be familiar with the sudden nervous gut drop that accompanies the realization that the police are pulling you over. Sometimes, a driver may not know why the police are signaling to stop. In Florida, police are cracking down on violations like speeding and DUI.  Recently, a man was stopped by Florida police after police […]

Woman fired after DUI accusation

Innocent until proved guilty is the law of the land, but one Florida woman recently learned that an employer may not always be so patient. Being accused of DUI can affect a person before his or her case has even been adjudicated. She now faces charges in court and has become unemployed at the same time.  The […]