What are the practical effects of a no contact order in Florida?

If you and your spouse or intimate partner have had issues with each other, the police could have gotten involved. If the officers who showed up to your house felt that there were grounds to arrest you and charge you with domestic violence, you may find yourself subject to a no contact order when you […]

What can you do if your ex refuses to leave you alone?

You decide that you want to end your relationship and you tell your spouse that you’re getting a divorce. They’re not happy about it, and you split up while you work out the details.  Very quickly, it becomes clear that you may have a problem. They just will not leave you alone. They call you […]

Do no-contact orders apply to online messaging?

No-contact orders are generally designed to put some space between two parties. Generally speaking, no-contact orders are designed to keep Person A from having any physical encounters with Person B once Person B has expressed that they are concerned about their safety or the safety of their children. The no-contact order is the court’s way […]

What circumstances can lead to a no contact order?

A no contact order can have a significant impact on the lives of those impacted by them. A spouse impacted by a no contact order may be prohibited to returning to a family home and have their contact with their children limited, as well as be financially impacted. As a result, it is useful to […]

Florida No Contact Orders

There are certain situations where a relationship is no longer healthy and loving. In these situations one person can be facing alleged abuse and request a temporary injunction. A No Contact Order can be issued by a court which bars one spouse from entering the home. A temporary injunction is a serious matter for a […]

Violating no contact orders carries serious consequences

The state of Florida aims to keep residents safe. If someone poses a threat to an individual, no contact orders can prevent further abuse or harassment. Even if a person has not caused physical harm to a victim, the law enforces these orders, and violating one can result in criminal consequences.  Recently, a Florida woman […]

Can you get a no contact order after harassment on social media?

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to use some form of social media on a daily basis. Florida has laws in place to combat cyber stalking and other forms of harassment online, but the laws regarding social media posts are a bit unclear. Recently, a woman was able to get […]

No contact orders for children

Florida parents know how difficult it can be to find a reliable person to watch children while a parent is at work. Summer vacation has begun for children, but many parents must adhere to a regular work schedule to keep a job and pay the bills. Trusting a sitter or daycare with a child can […]

No contact orders not always upon victim request

Florida residents may have seen the recent news stories surrounding yet another reality television star. “Mama” June Shannon, (made famous alongside former toddler beauty pageant queen daughter Alana, known and beloved the world over by her stage name, Honey BooBoo), recently found herself making headlines, and not for a good reason. Several weeks ago, Shannon […]

Serious consequences for breaking no contact orders

Florida residents may have personal experience, or perhaps a close friend who has experienced the sort of stress that can arise when a younger family member is struggling with serious issues. Many find it difficult to draw the line, admitting that, despite his or her unconditional love, he or she can do nothing to help […]