Unmarried fathers have to take steps to have rights in Florida

Just because you didn’t marry the mother of your child doesn’t mean you aren’t a loving father. It is more common than ever for people to have children without getting married first. Your lack of a wedding ring says nothing about your ability to be a good father. However, with the law working the way […]

Why is it important to fight for paternity and visitation rights?

Not all children whose fathers live with them turn out well. Not all children whose fathers do not turn out badly. However, there is plenty of evidence to show that most children will benefit from having their fathers take an active role in their lives. What can fathers do to encourage the well-being of their […]

How to respond to parental alienation

If you are a father, you will know just how much your child means to you, and while you may have regrets about who you were in the past, the only thing you have is the present. Therefore, it can be heartbreaking when you want to be a part of your child’s life but they […]

How to establish paternity

Paternity is important to establish because of the legal and emotional impacts I carries. Legally establishing paternity can impact child support, child custody, health care, inheritance, adoption and other concerns parents and children may have which is why parents should understand how paternity is established. The paternity process refers to the legal determination of a […]

Why does paternity need to be established?

Our readers in Florida have probably heard of the legal process of “establishing paternity.” Through this process, the father of a child is determined, legally speaking. But why does paternity need to be established? Well, for starters, not every child who is born in Florida is born to a married couple. When a child is […]

Paternity suit makes national news

Florida residents remember former vice president Joe Biden. Though his time in office came to a close with the election of the current administration, the Biden name is once again making headlines. This time, the subject of the news is not the politician but, rather, his son Hunter Biden. It has become public knowledge in […]

Late rapper’s child to undergo paternity test

Welcoming a child into the world is a joyous occasion. Florida parents have lots to prepare before bringing baby home. One thing that should be taken care of after a baby is born is to establish paternity. In a recent story, a mother has had to work very hard to do so on her own, because […]

What about Dad? The push for paternity leave

Dads are important, and a growing number of lawmakers and advocates would like to see that reflected in new legislation. Though it is surely indisputable that being a father requires hard work and dedication, many employers still do not offer any sort of paternity leave. In fact, the United States is one of the only […]

Matters of paternity do not always involve minor children

Florida parents know that, when a child is born, there are many legal matters that must be attended to. Custody arrangements and matters of paternity must be handled by a court of law. Establishing paternity is a simple but important step that, if neglected, can affect people far into adulthood. Many people may be familiar with […]

Local sheriff named in paternity suit

Florida parents may know that when they are expecting a child, there is more to preparation than buying clothes, blankets and toys. Legally, when a child is born, paternity must be established. If the parents are married, the husband is presumed to be the father. If parents are not married and the child is born […]