Is appealing a family court judge’s ruling possible?

Your divorce decree is a legally binding document that spells out all of your parenting rights, support obligations, the division of marital property and more. Most of the time, couples are able to negotiate an agreement that they find workable and walk away mostly content with the rulings. What if that doesn’t happen? If you […]

Stalking: If you’re accused, know what to expect

If there is one thing that you don’t want to be accused of, it’s stalking another person. Even though you might have good intentions, if another person doesn’t want you to be around them, they may accuse you of stalking them if they see you too often. The good news is that the definition of […]

Have you considered how a DUI will affect your future

You are about to interview for the dream job you have always wanted. In fact, you believe that you will be the top candidate, as you tell friends at a weekend party. You drink a bit too much, and on your way home, a law enforcement officer stops you on suspicion of DUI. Will a […]

What to do if your ex will not follow the time-sharing schedule

Divorce, as a whole, involves conflict, but issues surrounding the children can be especially contentious. It takes a lot of work to come up with a parenting plan, whether you two created the terms yourselves or the judge had to make the decision. It may bring you relief once that part is over. However, what […]

Know your Miranda rights during a DUI arrest

Despite the constant warnings, many people in Florida still choose to drink and drive. In fact, a state priest recently ran into legal trouble when the cops saw him swerving through the road and almost hitting a fire hydrant.  From the moment the police pull you over, you have your rights. The police cannot infringe on […]

Mixing over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions may spell trouble

Your familiarity with the interaction of prescriptions and alcohol keeps you from drinking while taking your pain medication. You do not want to experience an adverse effect, especially while driving. Do you also know that you need to consider the effect over-the-counter drugs may have on you when paired with a prescription? While you may […]

Important elements you should have in a parenting agreement

When you and your spouse are going through a divorce, creating a good parenting plan will take time, thought and teamwork. You and your soon-to-be ex do not have to be friends, but you should communicate well enough that you include the parenting plan elements that are most important in terms of benefitting your children. […]

4 divorce mistakes that could jeopardize a secure future

If you are facing a divorce, you are probably anxious to get the whole process behind you as quickly as possible. After all, a new life awaits and you want to get to it. However, it would be unwise to be in too much of a hurry. You must protect your future, so here are […]

How to lower your child support obligation

From the court fees to the loss in marital property, divorce tends to be an expensive process that changes your finances for the worse for a while. It is even more overwhelming when you are the one who has to pay child support to your ex. It can become hard to keep up on payments […]

Could drug court help keep you out of jail?

As a Florida resident facing a drug charge, concerns about whether you may have to spend some time behind bars might be keeping you up at night. Drugs have the capacity to make good people act in ways they otherwise would not, but drug courts seek to combat this problem by targeting the drug addiction […]