How you can receive a DUI charge for prescription drugs

As an Ocala area motorist, you are probably aware of how driving while under the influence of alcohol can lead to DUI charges. What you might not realize is how the use of prescription drugs can lead to criminal charges. Many people do not realize that some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines can impair their […]

Should you refuse a field sobriety test in Florida?

Most Floridians are well aware of the serious consequences associated with a DUI conviction. One Florida resident went so far as to jump into the ocean to escape from law enforcement although the police eventually apprehended him.  In the event police officers pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving, they may ask you to perform […]

3 drugs most commonly involved in crimes

Drugs are dangerous and often play a role in criminal activity. Anyone who faces charges due to an offense involving drugs needs to understand the charges and know how to build an effective defense.  There are a range of different drug crimes, including possession, trafficking and manufacturing, and each differs in severity and potential sentencing. […]

Three things to do when facing criminal charges

Regardless of the circumstances, it is frightening to face criminal charges. Anybody in this situation knows what it feels like to have her or his future on the line, and indeed, there is a lot at stake when you are accused of committing a crime. If you are in this situation—whether it is the first time—there […]