When Florida parents are looking for a babysitter to care for their children in their absence, they may seek a fellow parent who is used to caring for kids. Parents may feel as if someone who is currently raising his or her own brood is more understanding and informed of common situations that can arise when caring for little ones. Unfortunately, one cannot assume that a sitter with children is a good choice on that fact alone. Recently, after two children died on her watch, it was revealed that one woman was in a child custody battle of her own. 

The Florida woman was caring for two children when they died in her care. The daycare she ran from her home had a pool, and the children — twins — both drowned in the pool. Upon investigation into the deaths, it was revealed that the woman’s own family had been so concerned about her questionable ability to care for children that they were fighting for custody of the woman’s adopted sons. 

The woman’s parents had become concerned about their grandsons after a visit to the doctor raised concerns. Child Protective Services was contacted by the doctor, who apparently suspected some sort of neglect or abuse on the part of the mother. The case had not yet reached a courtroom, but friends who had previously been willing to testify on behalf of the mother changed their minds after the deaths of the twins she had been babysitting. 

It can be difficult for family members to decide if they should make a motion to intervene when it comes to child custody. In many cases, if a parent or grandparent is concerned, he or she may find it helpful to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help answer questions about when and how to attempt to change or establish a child custody order. 

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