Quite a few Florida parents have made an appearance in a family court at one time or another. Child custody cases are not uncommon by any means, though each case, much like each family, is unique. Before a child custody case is adjudicated and a custody order is signed by a judge, parents will have to hang in there and do their best to handle the stresses of the legal process. Most parents look forward to the day the proceedings are over, but it is wise to be aware that potential troubles may still loom. 

When a child has two parents that share time, it is not uncommon for one parent to get more physical time than the other. When courts make decisions about how a child’s time will be divided, each family’s unique circumstances are taken into account. It is not uncommon for parents to disagree or even struggle with personal issues between themselves and the other parent. 

Parental alienation is a term that often pops up in child custody cases. It refers to a situation in which a child is manipulated into rejecting the other parent. Most parents would certainly not try to blatantly turn their child against the other parent, but sometimes a parent may  encourage alienation through subtle actions like complaining about the other parent in front of a child, making a child feel guilty for talking about what a great time he or she had with the other parent or allowing a child to witness an argument between two parents. Children in this type of situation are often prone to troubles like depression, anxiety and low self esteem. 

Even if a Florida family has a child custody order, parents may later be concerned that alienation is occurring. A knowledgeable attorney can help a parent utilize the proper avenues to gather evidence to support any concerns. A parent should not violate a court order in trying to help a child, but with the help of an attorney, a parent can take steps to modify or enforce a custody order in compliance with the law. 

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