Many Florida parents may be familiar with the stress that can occur when an argument about custody arises. Sometimes it can be quite difficult for parents to discuss custody, and when there is a dispute, a situation can quickly escalate. Parents should be aware that when it comes to child custody disputes, it is often not a good idea to try to handle it alone. 

Recently, two parents began to argue about child custody arrangements via text message. Neither of them was willing to budge, and the situation quickly became serious. The father, angered by his ex, decided to drive to her home where she lives with their children and her new boyfriend. 

The situation turned into a physical confrontation between the father and the boyfriend, who was injured. The frightened mother had called police already because the father broke a window to get into the house. He also caused damage to vehicles on the property before attempting to flee. Police soon caught up with the enraged father, who was charged with several serious crimes, including attempted murder. 

Disputes over child custody should always be handled through the legal system. If a Florida parent is unhappy with a child custody arrangement, he or she can contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a parent establish, modify or enforce a child custody order through the court. A parent that makes a bad decision by taking the law into his or her own hands faces the possibility of losing custody altogether.

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