Sometimes, home life can get a bit chaotic. If a Florida parent finds him- or herself in a position where the home environment is unraveling, it may be a good idea to ask for help. If authorities begin to suspect that a child is in a situation that could be described as neglectful, they will take action, and a parent can face loss of child custody

Recently, a Florida mother was under investigation for neglect. She was told that the state would be taking custody of her young son. Surely, this would be a difficult situation for any parent to face. A parent may feel as if his or her personal failure has cost them the opportunity to raise his or her own child. 

When this happens, however, there is a legal process that must be followed. The mother in question decided to go on the run and try to avoid loss of child custody by evading the authorities, with the young boy in tow. This only made the situation worse. The boy is now considered to be endangered, and authorities are frantically searching for him. The mother will face criminal charges for her actions. 

A Florida parent may need to establish, modify or enforce a child custody order for a number of reasons. When such circumstances arise, a parent may want to get help from an experienced attorney. An attorney can explain the ins and outs of the legal process to a client, and help a parent work out a child custody order while remaining in compliance with state laws. 

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