Florida parents who divorce or who were never married but have children together often have to negotiate co-parenting plans when they decide to end their relationships. If said parents disagree about child custody or other parenting issues, it may lead to litigation, with each parent doing his or her best to win the court’s favor. Such is the case for “Southern Charm” stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, who are currently engaged in a contentious battle for custody of their two children.

Judges in this state and elsewhere typically believe that most children fare best when provided opportunity to spend ample time with each parent in divorce situations or those where unmarried parents have decided to end their romantic partnerships. In some circumstances, however, a judge may determine that a parent is placing his or her children at risk and therefore is unfit for custody. Dennis is trying to convince the court that Ravenel should not have custody because he has been accused of sexual assault.

Dennis also alleges that Ravenel has consumed prescription medication and alcohol together on numerous occasions, resulting in what she calls “bizarre” parenting behavior. The mother of two claims that Ravenel has locked his children in their rooms at night when he was acting under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Regarding custody-related issues, substance abuse is definitely grounds for seeking sole physical custody or requesting modification of an existing court order.

Florida fans of “Southern Charm” who are following the Dennis/Ravenel case may be aware that Ravenel has also made numerous accusations against the mother of his children. Judges overseeing such cases often have their work cut out to consider the evidence and determine who is or isn’t telling the truth. Any parent currently facing similar child custody problems may reach out for legal support, which may increase his or her chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court.

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