The holiday season has officially begun, and Florida families probably have quite a few events on the calendar in the next several weeks. In addition to traditional holidays, it is not uncommon for children to have special occasions at school or an extracurricular activity. It’s great to support children by attending an event to cheer a child on, but many parents might be worried about how to share child custody during these busy weeks. 

Each family is unique, and there is no arrangement that is guaranteed to work for every co-parenting situation, but there are a few tips that might help. The most important aspect of any child custody case is the well-being of the child. Even if parents do not get along, planning ahead can help things remain civil. 

If a parent gets along with the person with whom he or she shares child custody, it might be nice for the child to have both in attendance at special events. Even if parents do not feel comfortable sitting together or chatting it up, many children enjoy looking out into the crowd and seeing both parents. In situations where parents are not able to attend the same events, it is a good idea to split up the events ahead of time, so that a child knows who to expect at each occasion. Communication is the key, and even if parents have trouble speaking in person, there are means of electronic messaging and even smartphone apps dedicated to sharing child custody.

A Florida parent who wants to establish, change or enforce a child custody order might wonder how to go about it. Custody orders are handled by the court, and parents may worry that changing a regular schedule to accommodate special events at school, vacations and holidays might be tricky. In many cases, an attorney can help a parent make sure that he or she is in compliance with a court order, and help negotiate schedule changes that might arise. 

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