Florida parents would likely agree that when it comes to their children, they would do anything in their power to ensure that their children are allowed to lead happy, healthy lives. Often times, when two parents maintain separate households but have mutual children, the court will put a child custody order into place. A custody order explains the role of each parent where any mutual children are concerned. Sometimes, parents will share custody, while in other situations, a judge may decide that it is best for the children to remain in the sole custody of one parent. 

When a judge grants sole custody to one parent, the other parent may feel as if the child custody order is unfair. Judges may limit or forbid contact with a biological parent for myriad of reasons. Parents should be aware that child custody orders are legally binding, and even if a parent does not agree with such an order, he or she must obey it or he or she may face serious criminal charges.

Recently, a Florida man found himself charged several crimes, including interference with child custody and violation of injunction. Police say the man, who was previously forbidden by a court to have contact with his four children and their mother, drove to the mother’s residence and found the children outside the home. He then took all four children into his vehicle and drove away. Their mother lost sight of the vehicle and, naturally frightened, contacted police. Police were able to locate the children and their father later in the day, and the father is currently being held without bond. 

When parents find themselves in disagreement with a child custody order, they should be aware that the only way to legally have it changed is to argue their side in a court of law. Sometimes, it can be helpful to enlist the aid of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to assist a parent in his or her quest to modify an existing custody order. 

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