Parenting is not always an easy job in Florida. Parents need to make many different decisions for their children, ensure the children are following the rules and making good decisions to help themselves along the way. When parents are married, the discussions about the various aspects of raising the children are generally done within the home. However, these types of discussions cannot occur in the home when parents are divorced and no longer living in the same house.

When parents divorce they must make decisions regarding child custody and parenting time. This is not always an easy task, but parents do need to develop a parenting plan. These parenting plans must meet certain requirements in order to be approved though.

The plans must state how they will share the daily routines and needs of the children. The plan also has to state when each parent will have the children in their care. It must also include which parent will be responsible for making healthcare decisions and if those decisions will be shared, whether both parents need to consent to various treatments. Parents need to state whose house will be used to designate the school the children will go to. It needs to state how the parents will make decisions regarding the activities the children will be involved in. Finally, it must state how the parents will communicate with the children, including the type of technology they will use to communicate.

Essentially when parents divorce in Florida they must determine how they will parent their children now that they are divorced. These plans are important though because disputes are inevitable. If the parents cannot reach agreements on a certain issue, they will have the parenting plan available to fall back to in order to resolve the dispute. Reaching an agreement on these plans can be complicated and difficult though. Experienced attorneys understand this and may be a useful resource.