Criminal Law

A Criminal Conviction Could Destroy Your Life

Criminal convictions have the potential to make your life difficult in many ways. Depending upon what you have been convicted of, you could find yourself facing heavy fines, probation or even a jail or prison sentence.

Your problems will not end there, though. You might temporarily lose the right to operate a motor vehicle. You may have your professional license revoked. Since most companies run background checks on prospective employees, you may lose out on a great job that you are otherwise qualified to do.

Protect Yourself With A Strong Defense From A Board-Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

If you find yourself charged with a crime, you will need a strong defense. j. Melanie Slaughter P.A., has been fighting on behalf of clients in Ocala for more than 25 years. Our firm receives a sizable number of its new clients through referrals from individuals who have been so satisfied with our representation that they recommend us to friends and family members in need.

As a former prosecutor for the state of Florida, Ms. Slaughter is familiar with the strategies prosecutors use in criminal trials. She is well-equipped to build a strong defense against the charges you face.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

Our attorney defends clients facing a range of criminal allegations, including:

  • Drug charges: If you have been charged with a drug-related offense, your rights may have been violated when arresting officers were looking for evidence. Depending on the individual circumstances of your case, we may be able to have that evidence kept from trial.
  • First-time and multiple offender DUIs/DWIs: It is possible that, if you were charged with DUI, officers did not have the right to stop you. Our lawyer can determine if your rights were violated and build a strong defense for you.
  • Domestic violence charges: Domestic violence charges can significantly affect your life. Our attorney can devise a strong defense and help you navigate the process to avoid further criminal charges for violating your protective order.
  • Probation violations: If you are on probation, you are under strict scrutiny and are expected to meet a number of requirements. Our attorney can explain your situation and build a defense if you are accused of violating probation.
  • Miranda rights violations: We can examine your case for any potential violations of your rights. If your rights were violated, we can take strong action to defend you.

Appeals And Post-Conviction Relief

A lower court conviction does not necessarily mean that you have lost your opportunity to see justice served. J. Melanie Slaughter is also qualified to argue in front of appeals courts where she can point out any errors that may have been made at the lower court level. She advocates on behalf of clients she has represented in previous trials as well as on behalf of clients whose initial defenses were handled by other attorneys.

For more information about the ways our firm is here to assist you, contact our law office today at 352-789-6363 to arrange an initial consultation.