Appeals and
Post-Conviction Relief

A criminal conviction in trial is not a defendant’s last chance to see justice served. Judges and juries do not always get things right at trial. Any person convicted of a crime has the right to bring an appeal. If a defendant loses his or her appeal, he or she may be able to get post-conviction relief. In either of these matters, it is critical to hire a lawyer who knows how to create persuasive arguments backed by the facts and the law.

Ocala criminal defense attorney J. Melanie Slaughter, with nearly a quarter century of experience in criminal law, knows what it takes to give clients the best opportunity for a successful appeal. Our lawyer handles appeals for clients we have represented in trial, as well as for people we did not represent in their initial defense.

Creating An Effective Appeal Strategy

The key to a successful appeal is finding the strongest arguments and forcefully presenting these arguments to the appellate court. When we work on appeals, our attorney pores over the record of the case, identifying all of the trial court’s errors and finding the errors that are most likely to lead to success. When writing the appellate brief and presenting oral arguments, we work carefully to create arguments that are most likely to convince the appeals court. We have taken on many appeals and work tirelessly to give you the best chance of success.

Handling The Full Range Of Post-Conviction Matters

In addition to appeals, our firm represents clients in post-conviction relief. In Florida, post-conviction matters can involve many different issues, including:

  • Claims of ineffective assistance of counsel
  • An involuntary guilty plea
  • New evidence, such as DNA testing

If you have a strong case for post-conviction relief, we will go the extra mile to make sure that your voice is heard.

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