Charged With
Domestic Battery?

Domestic violence allegations are incredibly serious. A conviction will lead not only to criminal penalties, but could impact your relations with your family, your ability to own a firearm, and other key parts of your life. If you are going through a divorce or custody matter, a domestic violence charge will make it hard for you to maintain your relationship with your children.

The attorney you choose to represent you can make a dramatic impact on how your case is resolved. Choose wisely. People across Ocala and northern Florida have chosen me, J. Melanie Slaughter P.A., to defend themselves against domestic violence and domestic battery.

Domestic Violence Charges Are Different

There are many important differences in domestic violence charges over other criminal offenses. For instance, in Florida, there is a presumption of “no bond” in domestic violence charges. Therefore, it is likely any person accused of domestic violence will be held in jail for at least 24 hours. If you are convicted, you will have to complete a six month “Batterers’ Intervention Program” as a condition of probation. If there is a permanent injunction against you, you will be barred from owning firearms or ammunition. These penalties are in addition to other penalties, such as fines or jail.

As your defense lawyer, I will not judge you. Instead, I will look closely at the facts of your case. Sometimes, people make domestic violence allegations to try to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody case. Other times, the accuser may exaggerate or even make up acts of physical violence. With me on your side, I will get to the bottom of what happened and do what it takes to prepare a strong defense.

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