Will I Go To Jail
For A Drug Charge?

A number of factors influence whether or not you will end up in jail if you are arrested on drug possession or distribution charges, but one of the most important of those factors is the skill of your defense attorney.

Mounting concern over America’s growing opioid crisis has sharpened prosecutors’ determination to get tough on all drug charges. If you are accused of a drug-related misdemeanor or felony, it is imperative to engage an experienced lawyer who can help you defend against incarceration and the other consequences of a drug conviction.

A Strong Defense From A Former Prosecutor

J. Melanie Slaughter is a former Assistant State Attorney and a board-certified trial attorney with more than 25 years of experience in the field of criminal defense. If there are weaknesses in the case prosecutors have built against you, she will know how to find those weaknesses and exploit them.

If, for example, the search that turned up the drugs you are accused of possessing violated your Fourth Amendment rights, none of the evidence collected in that illegal search can be introduced in the case as evidence. Without that evidence, the charges against you may be dropped.

Drug Court: Treatment, Not Jail

Even if you believe the case against you is strong, there are still many things our firm can do to aid you in avoiding devastating penalties. In Marion, Hernando and Citrus counties, for example, there is a court-supervised program called Drug Court that will allow you to participate in drug treatment rather than face incarceration.

Protect Your Driver’s License

Anyone who is convicted of a narcotics charge in Florida will have his or her driver’s license suspended for at least one year. If you participate in Drug Court, however, you may be able to retain your license.

If you meet the criteria for these programs, J. Melanie Slaughter P.A. will advocate strongly on your behalf with the court officials who make Drug Court eligibility decisions in this state. It is vitally important to act as quickly as you can to protect your rights. Call J. Melanie Slaughter P.A., in Ocala at 352-789-6363 today to set up a consultation.