For many Central Florida couples a divorce may seem like the only option. Their relationship with their partner is no longer working and they just want to move on. But there are many times when one spouse does not want to get a divorce. Can one partner force a divorce in Florida?

In Florida either spouse can file for a divorce in Florida and use the reason that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. With this information only one spouse needs to file for divorce. If the other spouse refuses to answer the petition within 20 days the other spouse can ask the court for a default judgment. The court will reclassify the divorce case as uncontested and a hearing will be scheduled. The spouse who filed will need to attend that hearing at which the court will decide the property division and child custody arrangements that the spouse brings to the court. This can all happen without the other spouse agreeing to the divorce.

An attorney who specializes in divorce can help their client through one of the most difficult times of their life. An attorney understands Florida divorce procedure and can represent their client and their interests. They can work through the many issues that can arise in a divorce and make sure their client emerges from the divorce ready for their new stage in life.

Both partners do not have to agree to a divorce in Florida in order for a divorce to occur. An attorney who specializes in divorce can help their client understand their rights and represent their interests in this important matter. By not responding to a divorce petition a person risks their future quality of life.