Florida is tough on drunk drivers. Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, here means tough penalties, even for first-time offenders. One resident is learning this first hand after allegedly failing a field sobriety test after leading police on a miles-long chase.

Police claimed they received a call Sunday claiming that a vehicle was swerving through traffic. The caller claimed he offered to call the swerving driver an Uber, but the driver flashed a gun and threatened to shoot him. Police then tracked down the vehicle and driver the caller identified at the driver’s home. He then left his home, with the police following behind him. The police reported that the driver failed to stop and led them on a miles-long high-speed car chase.

After the driver eventually pulled over, the police allege that they found a firearm, marijuana, and cocaine in the car. They then performed a field sobriety test, which the police reported that he failed.

As a result, the driver now faces multiple charges stemming from this alleged possession, evading the police, and driving while under the influence. He is being held in the Brevard County Jail on a $34,000 bond.

This man now faces a criminal justice system that will stop at nothing to get a conviction, jailing the driver for years and fining him thousands of dollars. Anyone who faces charges, including DUI, like this man, needs a criminal defense strategy fast. Even though one is charged, does not mean that they are guilty. This must be proved first, and crafting a smart criminal defense strategy fast can make all the difference.