Florida residents may be among the throngs of Americans that enjoy riding ATVs. These recreational vehicles can be a fun way to travel off the main roads. Teens especially may enjoy the thrill of driving, away from the pressure of traffic on the roads. Many people may not be aware that laws about driving under the influence still apply when operating an ATV, and now a Florida teen is facing DUI charges

The teen and a passenger were spending the day riding an ATV on a trail in the woods. The teen was unable to maintain control, and the vehicle hit a tree. The passenger was seriously injured, and unfortunately did not survive the crash. 

After help arrived, it was determined that the teen was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. Like any other motor vehicle, and even bicycles in Florida and some other states, it is against the law to operate an ATV when one’s blood alcohol content is over the legal limit. The teen has since been charged with DUI manslaughter. 

When a Florida teen is facing similar DUI charges, it can feel overwhelming and scary. In most cases, it makes sense to retain legal counsel. A criminal defense attorney can help a teen through each step of the legal process, and work to prepare a legal defense against the charges. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, but many teens truly do not understand the trouble they can get into, and an attorney can help work toward a favorable outcome. 

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