Florida residents may be familiar with a popular television series that gives viewers a first-person view of police officers on duty. Viewers tune in each week to see officers respond to calls, enforce the law and help people in need. Though certainly, police officers are often the first representatives of law enforcement, officers themselves are not immune from prosecution. One officer who appears on such a show is being fired amid allegations of DUI

The trouble began when the Florida officer wrecked his vehicle into a parked car. No injuries were reported. It is not known if he was on duty at the time of the crash. He was charged with several DUI offenses, including DUI with property damage. 

Though he was not immediately fired, his superiors at the police department say that the firing process is underway. Details have not yet emerged as to why law enforcement suspected he may be under the influence at the time of the crash. He has not been found guilty on any of the charges thus far. 

When a person is facing DUI charges, he or she may feel overwhelmed. Even an accusation can affect professional and personal life until the matter is adjudicated. Defendants should consider allowing an experienced attorney to take a look at their case. An attorney can help a defendant feel confident that he or she will be treated fairly and according to the law while preparing to present his or her side of the story in court. Being accused of a crime is not an indication of guilt, and each defendant has the opportunity to present a defense that may yield a favorable result. 

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