Drivers might be familiar with the sudden nervous gut drop that accompanies the realization that the police are pulling you over. Sometimes, a driver may not know why the police are signaling to stop. In Florida, police are cracking down on violations like speeding and DUI. 

Recently, a man was stopped by Florida police after police attest that he seemed to be driving erratically, swerving and hitting the curb several times. When the driver did pull over, police say they saw open containers of alcohol in his car. The man did not speak English, so the police relied on one of the officers to translate. 

The man took a field sobriety test but did not fare well, according to the officers. The man asked the Spanish speaking officer what might be done to remedy the matter. Unfortunately, he allegedly offered money to the officers, who then added a charge of bribery to the DUI with which they were already charging him. 

When charged with a crime like DUI, it might be a good idea to consult an attorney. An attorney can help a person prepare to fight his or her charges in a court of law, and help a client avoid actions that could render additional charges. Everyone is innocent until proved guilty, and it is up to the prosecution to provide solid evidence to convince the court of guilt. A person charged with DUI has the right to present a defense, and an attorney can work with a client toward an outcome that reflects the facts of a case. 

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