Florida residents may be fans of the WWE, which provides viewers with a unique experience branded as sports entertainment. Each week, thousands of Americans tune in to watch the flagship programs Smackdown and Raw, and many fans enjoy cheering for their favorite performers. This week, both Smackdown and RAW were filmed in front of a live crowd in Florida, and one performer, though victorious in the ring, was later arrested for DUI

Jimmy Uso comes from a family that has a long-standing history in the league. With his brother by his side, the pair has become a formidable opponent in the tag team division. His father and wife are also big names in the WWE universe, each with respective accomplishments. 

Being a celebrity, however, is not a guarantee that a person will not get into trouble outside the arena. Uso was driving through Florida when police noticed what they considered to be erratic driving. Uso compliantly stopped and was cooperative with police, but police state that his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. Uso was booked into a local jail and, so far, has not posted bond. 

Being accused of a DUI is a serious matter, but it is certainly no cause to panic. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a client through the legal process and ensure that the burden of proof is placed squarely upon the prosecution. People accused of such crimes are innocent unless the prosecution can prove guilt, and an experienced attorney can help a client ensure that all evidence is taken into account and work toward a favorable outcome for a driver who stands accused. 

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