Child Custody

Protecting Your Relationship With Your Child

A useful strategy for coping with any kind of co-parenting situation following a divorce or the dissolution of a relationship is to view it as a kind of business arrangement. You do not have to like the partner you do business with, but you should be cordial, be willing to compromise and understand that the well-being of your child is the most important thing.

In a perfect world, every child’s parents would be able to see how much better things are for their children when they can cooperate on parenting issues. Parenting, though, is fraught with emotion. You have a very special relationship with your children. It is only natural to worry that if the amount of time you get to spend with your child is cut back, that the quality of the relationship will suffer. J. Melanie Slaughter will be on your side and fight, if necessary, to protect that relationship.

Looking Forward

Our lawyer can help you make sure that factors that could work against you in front of a judge never get the upper hand during your custody case. She will provide you with counsel and guidance to help you make the best decisions for your child. She will offer the support you need to look forward rather than backward.

In most instances, J. Melanie Slaughter will be able to help you negotiate a parenting plan with your child’s other parent, and his or her lawyers, that represents a compromise that all parties can agree upon. If, however, an amicable decision that is fair to you cannot be reached, our lawyer is prepared to leverage the skills she has gained as a board-certified trial attorney and former prosecutor on your behalf. She is a strong litigator with many years of courtroom experience.

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