Child Support

Securing Child Support Obligations That Are Fair And Meet Your Child’s Needs

When the time comes to set child support obligations, whether that is part of a divorce or a paternity action, everyone benefits from having experienced and effective legal representation that can ensure their best needs are met.

What Are Some Of The Factors That Influence Child Support Obligations?

In Florida, the state relies upon a strict formula to calculate child support payments. This formula considers the take-home income of both parents, any day care costs that may apply as well as the costs of providing health care for that child. This formula is adjusted to account for the number of minor children involved along with the number of overnights each parent spends with the child or the children over the course of one year.

Even in situations where parents share legal and physical custody and a child spends equal amounts of time with both parents, child support may be awarded to one parent if there is a large discrepancy in parental incomes.

Creative Child Support Options

If you are worried about the potential for misuse in the way your child’s other parent handles child support funds, there are methods of providing financial support for a child that do not involve giving money directly to the other parent. J. Melanie Slaughter can help institute strategies like reimbursement for child-related expenses or college fund contributions that cannot be touched by the child’s other parent.

Our lawyer’s many years of family law experience have enabled her to be very resourceful when it comes to finding creative solutions to difficult situations. We’ll keep your child’s best interests in mind while working hard to avoid conflict throughout the process.

Whether you are in need of child support or you are dealing with a possible child support obligation, j. Melanie Slaughter P.A., will work with you to help you resolve the situation you are facing in a way that benefits all parties involved, most importantly your child or children. Call our office in Ocala today at 352-789-6363 to schedule a consultation with our attorney.