Divorce Is Never Easy

Divorce is an emotional experience, and it can be hard to make sound decisions when you are going through so much stress. Now more than ever, you need to seek guidance from an experienced professional who can aid you in making smart decisions. j. Melanie Slaughter P.A., will help you take steps to stay in control of the issues that will affect your future as well as the futures of those you love.

You deserve a better life. With our guidance based on decades of experience in family law, you can make the right choices now to preserve a better tomorrow.

Protecting Your Children

Regardless of any negative feelings you may harbor toward your co-parent, it is almost always in the interests of your children to negotiate amicably with your ex. A judge will look most favorably on a parenting plan that both parties willingly sign off on.

For the children’s sake, we encourage parents to find a way to work together. When that is not possible, however, our litigation skills can be extremely helpful.

Protecting Your Assets

When money is on the line, there may appear to be little incentive to remain amicable if your soon-to-be former spouse indicates that he or she is prepared to go to court.

Judges look at a variety of factors when making spousal support determinations. Issues such as the length of the marriage and the age and earning potential of each spouse are among the factors that a judge will look at when determining spousal support awards. We will review your situation and build a strong case that advocates for you to secure an outcome that leaves you on solid financial ground.

When the marital estate is being divided, the court will work to create an equitable division of the property and assets. This does not necessarily mean that everything is divided in half. We will apply a thoughtful approach to protecting your interest in major assets such as your home, retirement accounts and investments.

This is where J. Melanie Slaughter’s years of experience as a trial attorney in Florida can benefit you. We are prepared to fight if we have to. Let us put your best interests front and center. Contact our practice in Ocala today at352-789-6363 to schedule an initial consultation.