Fighting a
Temporary Injunction

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If difficulties with your spouse are escalating, you may find yourself the subject of a temporary injunction. Courts have the power to create injunctions barring people from taking certain actions. For instance, people in a domestic dispute may face injunctions forcing them to:

  • Leave the family home
  • Have no contact or supervised contact with their children.
  • Freeze their bank accounts

A temporary injunction can damage your relationship with your children, your living arrangements, your finances and other important parts of your life. If you are going through divorce or are considering a divorce, a family judge will look very unfavorably at an injunction. A temporary or permanent injunction is likely to negatively impact child custody, visitation, child support and other parts of your divorce.

If there is an injunction against you, you need to fight it as quickly as possible. A lawyer can help you take decisive action. I am family law attorney J. Melanie Slaughter. While based in Ocala, I work with people across Marion County and beyond.

Helping My Clients Lift Temporary Injunctions

Most times, judges enter temporary injunctions after only hearing one side of the evidence. Under Florida law, if a court entered a temporary injunction against you, you have the right to a hearing to lift or dissolve the order. As your lawyer, I will gather all of the evidence to show the judge why the injunction should be lifted. By presenting strong arguments based on the facts and the law, I will give you every opportunity for a successful outcome.

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