Florida parents know how difficult it can be to find a reliable person to watch children while a parent is at work. Summer vacation has begun for children, but many parents must adhere to a regular work schedule to keep a job and pay the bills. Trusting a sitter or daycare with a child can be a difficult decision. When a child is harmed by an employee who was entrusted with the child’s care, parents may want to look into no contact orders

Recently, the manager at a day care heard several young children fussing. The day care was equipped with cameras that could record and broadcast live streams. The manager tuned into the stream to see what was going on. 

She saw one of the employees being rough with the children, attempting to force them to take a nap. The woman had worked at the day care for months and had passed the necessary background checks upon hire. Police were called, and the aggressive woman is currently in jail, facing several charges. She has been ordered to have no contact with any of the victims. 

No contact orders are not just for adults. If a person causes harm to or harasses a child, a parent may want to consider filing for such an order to make sure a child does not suffer further abuse. A compassionate attorney can help a parent use the legal process to protect his or her children. Children deserve to be treated with care, and when a person crosses the line, a Florida court can step in and make sure the abuse stops. 

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