Florida residents may be able to relate to situations in which a specific person makes them feel threatened. In many cases, these people choose to seek no contact orders. This type of court order prohibits a person from making contact with a person or family, and usually also prevents them from entering the property where the victim lives.. 

When a no contact order is put into place on behalf of a victim, it becomes legally binding. If a person violates a standing order, he or she is subject to immediate criminal prosecution. Law enforcement is able to act quickly to prevent further contact, and the penalty for violating a no contact order can include a jail sentence. 

Recently, a Florida resident contacted law enforcement when a man subject to a no contact order entered the yard of the complainant’s residence. Fortunately, because the order was in place, police were able to respond immediately and arrest the man before the incident escalated or anyone was harmed. He was subsequently charged with trespass after notice. 

Those that believe they have good reason to prevent all contact from an individual and desire to have no contact orders put into place may not be aware of the required steps to achieve this protection. In many cases, it can be helpful to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can assist victims as they seek to end abusive or harassing behavior from another individual. Once an order is in place, the attorney can help victims make sure the order is enforced. 

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