Florida residents may have seen the recent news stories surrounding yet another reality television star. “Mama” June Shannon, (made famous alongside former toddler beauty pageant queen daughter Alana, known and beloved the world over by her stage name, Honey BooBoo), recently found herself making headlines, and not for a good reason. Several weeks ago, Shannon and her boyfriend were arrested on various charges, and because domestic violence was suspected between the pair, no contact orders were put in place. 

Shannon is begging the court to lift the no contact orders. She claims that she needs her boyfriend’s help to manage daily life, due to her continuously depleting eyesight. She also claims that on the night the pair was arrested, no violence occurred and that she was not afraid of her boyfriend, though witnesses told police otherwise. 

No contact orders are meant to protect victims from an abuser or aggressor. In some cases, a victim may not want such an order or understand why an order has been put into place. In the case of Mama June, some friends and family say that there is footage indicating that youngest child Alana is too frightened to go to her mother’s home. While all of this is investigated, the no contact orders remain in place. 

When anyone in Florida becomes a domestic violence victim, he or she may feel overwhelmed. Often, victims choose to rely upon an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can help a client consider options to deal with an abuser, like no contact orders, or providing testimony in court. Having a compassionate attorney can help a victim be brave, speak up, and take steps to prevent further abuse or harassment from an aggressor. 

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