Florida residents may be able to recall a time in life in which they had cause to fear another person. If someone has been abused, harassed or otherwise harmed by an individual, he or she may want to look into no contact orders. A no contact order is a legal document signed by a judge and enforceable by law, preventing an aggressor from having any further communication with a victim. 

No contact orders can help prevent future abuse or harassment. When a person gets an order against another party, that person can rest assured that if the party in question violates the order in any way, he or she can face serious consequences. Police treat violations of no contact orders like a crime, and a person who violates one faces arrest and criminal prosecution. 

A perusal of the local police log can show examples of what happens when someone violates a no contact order. Persons found guilty of violating such an order may even face jail time. In order to qualify for a no contact order, a victim must explain to a Florida court why any future contact from the party in question would be unsafe or detrimental to his or her well-being. 

No contact orders can only be put into place when a victim follows a specific line of legal action. It can be wise to allow an experienced attorney to assist with the process. An attorney can prepare clients for the steps they must take to get legal protection from an aggressor, and a lawyer can stand by a client’s side as he or she gathers the courage to explain a frightening or harmful situation to a judge. 

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