Florida residents may have personal experience, or perhaps a close friend who has experienced the sort of stress that can arise when a younger family member is struggling with serious issues. Many find it difficult to draw the line, admitting that, despite his or her unconditional love, he or she can do nothing to help the troubled person. On some occasions, a family member may strike out in anger, and though people want to help, they may obtain no contact orders for personal safety.

Recently, a Florida grandmother did everything she could for her grandson — a young man in his 20s — who by all accounts was a rather troubled young man. The man’s behavior included criminal charges like theft but sadly grew progressively worse, until he committed an act of violence against the grandmother. The grandmother attempted to cover for the man, saying her visible injuries were the result of a fall, but experts knew better, and the man was served with a no contact order. 

Months later, he showed up at the grandmother’s home, saying he had not eaten and had no food. The kindly grandmother fed him but gently stated he could not stay because he was violating the order. The man again became angry, and the grandmother contacted authorities. The man received a two-year sentence for breaking the order. 

No contact orders are meant to protect victims of various kinds of abuse. When an offender breaks an order of this nature, the law does not hesitate to act. If a person fears for his or her safety, he or she should not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney, who can help a client establish and enforce no contact orders. 

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