You decide that you want to end your relationship and you tell your spouse that you’re getting a divorce. They’re not happy about it, and you split up while you work out the details. 

Very quickly, it becomes clear that you may have a problem. They just will not leave you alone. They call you multiple times a day. They send you hundreds of text messages. They comment on every single one of your social media posts. They like all of your pictures. 

You ask them to stop, but it just gets worse. They start dropping by your house unannounced. They show up at work. They always seem like they want to have a deep talk or an argument. You’re more interested in just getting on with your life. 

If this is happening to you, don’t think you’re alone or that you’re overreacting. It’s not just in your head. Remember, three-quarters of those who have a stalker personally know that person. Experts warn that this can become very unsafe. It’s not just annoying. You may actually feel like you’re in danger, and the statistics show that you have a reason to feel that way. 

What can you do? There are options. You may want to get a no-contact order or a protection order. If simply asking your ex to leave you alone has no impact, legal action may be the only thing they’ll respect. This is especially important if they have ever threatened you and if you feel like you or your children are in danger. Don’t wait for something to happen. Look into your legal options now.