If you are a father, you will know just how much your child means to you, and while you may have regrets about who you were in the past, the only thing you have is the present. Therefore, it can be heartbreaking when you want to be a part of your child’s life but they reject you or refuse to acknowledge you as a father because of the past.

You may feel as though the other parent of your child has been spreading lies in an attempt to turn your child against them, and this thought can be soul-destroying. If you love your child, you will stop at nothing to try to show them the person that you have become and the role that you now want to play in their lives. The following are some tips for successfully combatting parental alienation to eventually gain custody and have a relationship with your child.

Understand the alienation process

When your relatively young child tells you that they hate you and that they never want to see you again, this can be very hurtful, and it’s easy to want to give up. However, by understanding resist and refuse dynamics (RRDs), you will be able to develop empathy for them and establish a way forward.

Understand your legal rights

The law is in place to protect children, but also to help them have a good relationship with both of their parents if it is in their best interests. If you can show that you are ready to provide your child with a loving, stable and healthy relationship, there should be no reason why you are not able to gain visitation.

Never give up hope

While the process of building a relationship with your alienated child can be tough, you should remain hopeful and always be consistent in your actions.

Make sure that you take action to understand your legal options when pursuing a relationship with your child.