Welcoming a child into the world is a joyous occasion. Florida parents have lots to prepare before bringing baby home. One thing that should be taken care of after a baby is born is to establish paternity. In a recent story, a mother has had to work very hard to do so on her own, because the child’s father is deceased. 

Last year, up-and-coming hip hop artist XXXTentacion was gunned down. As the world mourned the death of the man that was quickly becoming a voice of the young generation, a young woman was devastated because she was carrying his child. Still early in the pregnancy when the death occurred, she immediately began to face questions from other people about the true paternity of the unborn child.

After the baby was born, she petitioned the court for a DNA test to establish paternity. The coroner had taken samples at the time of death. Her request has since been granted, and if she is successful in her endeavor to prove paternity, her child will be able to gain financial support from the deceased father’s estate. 

If a Florida parent would like to ensure that paternity has been properly established, help is available. An experienced attorney can help a client through the process of legally determining who a child’s father is. This important process can help a child be well cared for and have a better sense of personal identity as he or she grows up. Dads are important, even if a father cannot be physically present in a child’s life, and establishing paternity can remove all question. 

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