Florida parents know that, when a child is born, there are many legal matters that must be attended to. Custody arrangements and matters of paternity must be handled by a court of law. Establishing paternity is a simple but important step that, if neglected, can affect people far into adulthood.

Many people may be familiar with actor William Shatner. Best known for his role on the television series “Star Trek,” Shatner is a familiar face the world over. Many people may not be aware that a Florida man has insisted for years, despite evidence to the contrary, that Shatner is his biological father, and he seeks to legally change his last name to match that of the famous actor. 

A Florida court previously ordered the man to cease this claim, but the man continues to call himself Peter Shatner, despite the fact that Shatner is not his legal surname. The actor is now taking legal action against the man, stating that he is not, in fact, the man’s father, and paternity has never been established. In this case, a DNA test may be required to settle the matter. 

If Florida parents need help establishing paternity for the sake of a child, they may realize this is an imperative step to prevent questions in the future. The process may seem confusing, but establishing paternity can be handled by a court. Many parents choose to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be familiar with the steps necessary to establish paternity legally, and can help a parent do so, thus providing a child with a clear answer of who they truly are.

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