Florida residents remember former vice president Joe Biden. Though his time in office came to a close with the election of the current administration, the Biden name is once again making headlines. This time, the subject of the news is not the politician but, rather, his son Hunter Biden. It has become public knowledge in recent months that the younger Mr. Biden is at the center of a complicated paternity case

Late last summer, a woman from Arkansas claimed that Biden, a married man awaiting the birth of his fifth child with his wife, was the father of her child. A paternity test soon confirmed the woman’s story. It seems that Biden met the woman in Washington D.C. when she was working as an exotic dancer at a local club. She gave birth to Biden’s child in August 2018. 

Having solid DNA proof of paternity, the woman now wants Biden to contribute to the financial support of the child. By all accounts, Biden is a successful businessman and currently resides alongside Hollywood celebrities in an expensive gated community. According to reports, Biden and his legal team were not very cooperative with a court’s request to turn over documentation that will give a clear picture of his financial matters. A court date in January 2020 will hopefully get the ball rolling on behalf of the child in question. 

Establishing paternity is an important thing to do when a child is born. After paternity has been documented, a court will have the evidence needed to enforce orders regarding custody, child support and other legal matters a parent may encounter over the course of a child’s life. If a Florida parent is ready to take action, contacting an attorney is often a good place to start. 

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