Dads are important, and a growing number of lawmakers and advocates would like to see that reflected in new legislation. Though it is surely indisputable that being a father requires hard work and dedication, many employers still do not offer any sort of paternity leave. In fact, the United States is one of the only developed countries that still lacks paid parental leave for new parents. 

Though some private Florida companies offer unpaid paternity leave, this option may not be feasible for parents who cannot afford to take several weeks off work with no pay. A new act, called the CRADLE act, hopes to provide some relief. Recently submitted to legislators, the act, if passed, would allow new parents to draw money out of their Social Security benefits to cover the costs of a few weeks at home with the new baby. This way, hard-working mothers and fathers could opt to access the money that they have paid into the Social Security system early, and for a good cause.

Still in its infancy, the act, for now, remains an idea. Supporters hope to see laws change soon, but for now, many dads are left without the option of paternity leave of any sort. There are still reports that some new dads have been demoted or let go after asking for even unpaid leave. 

Establishing paternity is an important step when it comes to being a new dad. In Florida, there are several ways to go about this. In some cases, a dad may want to contact an attorney with experience handling paternity cases. An attorney can help a new father ensure that his relationship with his child is protected by law, allowing a child to have access to support, both financial and emotional, that a dad has to offer. 

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