If you are facing a divorce, you are probably anxious to get the whole process behind you as quickly as possible. After all, a new life awaits and you want to get to it.

However, it would be unwise to be in too much of a hurry. You must protect your future, so here are four mistakes you will want to avoid.

1. Being too agreeable

Perhaps you think that by agreeing to whatever your spouse wants, you will speed the divorce along. Perhaps you were the one who initiated the divorce and now you feel guilty. In either case, resist the urge to be too agreeable. Do not give up alimony that is rightfully yours nor relinquish assets that you have every right to keep just so the divorce will be over faster. No matter where you are in terms of wealth, you need to emerge from this divorce with a future that is as settled and secure as possible.

2. Forgetting about tax consequences

Stay on top of the tax consequences. Remember that you will have to pay taxes on some of the assets you receive in the divorce settlement. Depending on what they are, you could be looking at a considerable amount of money.

3. Failing to launch a financial investigation

You may think you know your soon-to-be-ex well and believe that he or she has listed all the assets and income that exists. However, it is not unusual for the party who is more sophisticated financially to be less than truthful about matters to do with income and holdings. Consider hiring a professional to investigate finances ahead of the property division phase of your divorce.

4. Listing to advice from friends

You may have friends who have gone through their own divorce proceedings and are more than willing to offer advice about yours. You have your own goals and wishes for your future. Remember that every divorce is unique and only rely on the counsel of the professionals who are working with you on yours.

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